91% of UAE residents trust science and technology

A total of 91 percent of UAE Residents trust science and appreciate the relevance of technology to their everyday lives more so than the rest of the world. This was revealed in the fifth edition of 3M’s 2022 State of Science Index (SOSI).

The 3M survey further disclosed that about 88 percent of people in the UAE trust scientists, 37 percent agree that they defend science when it is questioned and 76 percent acknowledged the importance of science in their everyday life.

The research also found that science is more relevant to people in the UAE than a year ago, as 76 percent agree that it is essential to them in their everyday life versus 68 percent in 2021. In addition, 92 percent want to hear more from scientists about their work.

Science and its power to solve the climate crisis
Regarding the environment and sustainability, 92 percent in the UAE believe people should adopt a scientific approach to help make the world more sustainable. The study also showed that the immediacy of the climate crisis is becoming more apparent, with 79 percent expressing their concerns about climate change as an environmental issue.

“It is promising to see the deep trust held in science and technology in the UAE. The nation’s leadership has successfully placed science, technology, and sustainability at the core of its transition to a knowledge-based economy with wide support from its citizens and residents. With a firm belief in the power of science and its commitment to global climate change, the UAE is well placed to host next year’s COP28 UN Climate Change Conference, ”said Laszlo Svinger, vice president and MD, MEA at 3M.

Innovation is the key to a smarter lifestyle
The UAE is a testbed for futuristic technologies and has built strong public confidence in its scientific initiatives, with 91 percent of people believing that they will depend more on scientific knowledge in the future.

The 3M research also found that, 41 percent believe self-driving cars will become a regular part of life within the next five years. While 89 percent are confident in the prospect of riding in an autonomous or self-driving vehicle where there is no human driver.

Meanwhile, 83 percent think artificial technology (AI) is an exciting technology that impacts their daily lives versus 65 percent globally. 22 percent believe space travel will become a regular part of life within the next five years and 80 percent are likely to travel to space when it becomes accessible,

“The UAE is a pioneer in AI, automation, and self-driving vehicles. With these technologies set to revolutionize how we live, work and travel in the coming decades, there is no doubt that the UAE will be at the forefront of developing and rolling out these technologies worldwide while becoming a leading center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ” added Svinger.

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