Batman Becomes Pure Nightmare Fuel in AI-Generated Fan Art

A new piece of fanart by digital artist BossLogic utilizes artificial intelligence to create a Batman so terrifying, it has to be seen to be believed.

A new piece of fan art is proving why Batman is the most terrifying superhero around. Utilizing artificial intelligenceartist BossLogic has created an insanely frightening image of the Dark Knight that will have any fan shaking.

When Bruce Wayne set out to become a crimefighter, he recognized that criminals are “a cowardly and superstitious lot“and that he needed to be something that would strike fear into their hearts. After being inspired by a wayward bat that flew into his study, Bruce adopted the imagery and became one of the most terrifying heroes in the DC Universe. While he may not be actively scary, his tendency to strike from the shadows has led to the creation of some tall tales about “the Bat” in Gotham. For many, the mere existence of the Dark Knight is enough to deter potential wrongdoers from even thinking about crime.


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The fear that Batman hopes to project has never been captured better than in a new piece by one talented digital artist. On Twitter, BossLogic posted the message “Ai Generated #Batman art“along with a piece showcasing an extremely Dark Knight. The image is a frightening mashup of armor, spikes, and metal all smashed together to create the visage of Batman. Bat wings spread behind him as his eyes glow red and his mouth opens like a black hole with nothing inside.He looms over another version of Batman who walks in a crimson rain while wearing a bulky, heavily armored Batsuit. Batman’s eyes glow ethereally white, sure to strike fear into anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path.

BossLogic absolutely nailed it according to fans, and in addition to the comments praising his work, he amassed nearly 10,000 likes and retweets. AI, or artificial intelligence, art generally uses programs that analyze hundreds of images based off an aesthetic that the artist is going for. Clearly, BossLogic was aiming for horrifying and in his success he may have recreated the image of what Gotham criminals have in their heads when they hear of the myths surrounding Batman.

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if there actually was a vigilante who preyed on the criminals of the night. But it is easy to think about how easily urban legends get started. All it takes is one horrific encounter for a story to spread like wildfire, and the idea of ​​a bat-like man would no doubt take on a terrifying shape in the minds of many. BossLogic’s piece is the sort of image one could see artists in the DC Universe trying to recreate what the Dark Knight looks like based on the frightened accounts of Gotham’s criminals. Batman isn’t always scary, but BossLogic’s work of fan art created using artificial intelligence shows just how terrifying the hero can actually be.

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Source: BossLogic

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